Right, so you all know I want a little feed back from all my hours of slogging away behind a computer screen…. No really I actually do like to hear back from you and know that something I said struck a chord in you.

Plus, I have been made aware of the amazing possibilities of doing PR, product reviews, guest blogs and so on, which I think is an amazeballs way of reaching people, and would love to be involved.

So, if you want to contact me, I can be reached via 

  • email on

  • whatsapp/sms on +2781 477 9348

I also welcome suggestions and pointers for this blog (we’re always learning, right?) and if I have made any grave errors (like spelling, grammar, pointed out that your company has issues, and so on) I’m open to correction.





Right, so the deep down boring smallprint details are as follows:
Should you contact me, comment on a post, click a link, or in any other way give me your details, I promise I wont sell that to any third party websites, cold calling companies, or anything like that.
I am by law (not exactly sure who’s law, but that’s what the companies tell me) required to tell you that I do use a “pay-per-click” affiliate system so that if I tell you about something AMAZING, and you decide you too want to know more about it and maybe buy it and you go and click on a link, that maybe I will get a few cents from  you clicking on that link. I say maybe because not all links on my site will do this. For example, no payment ever comes to me for you clicking on a link that takes you to


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