Monday, March 13

Mar13 (2).png

You . . . satisfy the desire of every living thing.Ps. 145:16.

Personal interests and pleasures will have their place in God’s new world. After all, why did Jehovah create us with a hunger for personal accomplishment and wholesome pleasures if he did not intend to have us satisfy these desires to the full? (Eccl. 2:24) In this and other ways, Jehovah will always satisfy the desire of every living thing. Recreation and relaxation have their place, but the pleasure derived from them is increased when we put our relationship with Jehovah first. It will also be that way in the earthly Paradise. How wise it is for us to learn to keep personal interests in their proper place while we seek first the Kingdom and focus on the spiritual blessings now available to Jehovah’s people! (Matt. 6:33) In the coming Paradise, we will attain happiness on a level that we have never before experienced. May we show the intensity of our desire for the real life by preparing for it now. w15 8/15 3:17, 18


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