Sunday, March 12


Keep in expectation of it!—Hab. 2:3.

For the composite sign of Christ’s presence to serve its purpose, the fulfillment of it would have to be obvious enough to command the attention of those who have been obeying Jesus’ counsel to “keep on the watch.” (Matt. 24:27, 42) And that has been the case since 1914. From that time onward, the features of the sign have been undergoing fulfillment. Clearly, we are now living in “the conclusion of the system of things”—a limited period of time leading up to and including the destruction of this wicked system. (Matt. 24:3) Why, then, should Christians today keep in expectation? Out of obedience to Jesus Christ, we remain in expectation. Also, we recognize the sign of his presence. Our expectations are based, not on a naive readiness to believe anything, but on solid Scriptural evidence that compels us to remain vigilant, awake, watchful and, yes, in expectation of this wicked system’s end. w15 8/15 2:8, 9


Sorry about the late post today, I had not prepared this photo until today, and with meetings and family visiting I only got to it now.



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