Thursday, March 9



God is our God forever and ever. He will guide us forevermore.—Ps. 48:14.

A marvelous work of transformation in connection with the earthly part of Jehovah’s organization was foretold at Isaiah 60:17. Those who are young or comparatively new in the truth have read about the evidences of this transformation or have heard about it from others. But how privileged the brothers and sisters are who have personally experienced it! No wonder they are convinced that by means of his enthroned King, Jehovah is guiding and directing His organization! They know that their confidence is well-founded, a confidence all of us share. Hearing their heartfelt expressions will fortify your faith and strengthen your trust in Jehovah. Regardless of how long we have been in the truth, we must tell others about Jehovah’s organization. The existence of a spiritual paradise in the midst of a wicked, corrupt, and loveless world is a modern-day miracle! w15 7/15 1:12, 13


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So, it was a rush getting yesterday’s photo in, I couldn’t quite figure the right thing to use, eventually I settled for a photo of a box of panini breads in the bakery.

Today’s photo I really had fun with. I knew I wanted to incorporate the scripture in Isa .60:17, so I got hold of a couple of bottles and spray-painted one in bright gold, and the other in natural copper. After many positions and photos, I narrowed it down to one of three and sent a copy of each of those to some of my good friends for their opinions and we landed up with this one being a favourite.

Check in tomorrow for the next instalment of the March daily texts.



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