Wednesday, March 8

Give us today our bread for this day.—Matt. 6:11.
Notice that this is a personal request not purely for “my” bread for the day but for “our” bread for the day. Victor, a circuit overseer in Africa, explains: “I often sincerely thank Jehovah that my wife and I don’t have to be seriously concerned about where our next meal will come from, nor do we have to worry about who will pay the rent. Our brothers kindly look after us every day. But I do pray that those helping us will manage to handle the economic pressures they face.” If we have sufficient food for many days, we can think of brothers who live in poverty or who are affected by disasters. We should not only pray for them but also act in harmony with our prayers. For example, we can share what we have with fellow worshippers in need. We can also regularly contribute to the worldwide work, knowing that such funds are used wisely.—1 John 3:17. w15 6/15 5:4-6
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