Tuesday, March 7


Cleanse your hands, . . . and purify your hearts.—Jas. 4:8.

When we treasure our friendship with Jehovah, we strive to please him in every aspect of our life, including our thoughts. We desire to have “a pure heart” by focusing our minds on what is chaste, virtuous, and praiseworthy. (Ps. 24:3, 4; 51:6; Phil. 4:8) Granted, Jehovah makes allowances for our imperfect nature. He knows that we are prone to improper desires. But we recognize that it saddens him when we nurture wrong thoughts instead of doing all we can to reject them. (Gen. 6:5, 6) Reflecting on this fact makes us ever more determined to keep our thoughts chaste. An important way to show our complete reliance on Jehovah is by making our fight against unclean thoughts a matter of prayer. When we draw close to Jehovah in prayer, he draws close to us. He generously gives us his holy spirit, thus strengthening our resolve to resist immoral thoughts and remain chaste. w15 6/15 3:4, 5

For more information please view http://www.jw.org or download the JW Library app on your device.

I bet you were wondering if I was actually going to post a photo and text today?

I challenged myself to provide a photo with the Jehovah’s Witnesses daily text on it for every day in the month of March, 7 days in and we’re going well. I am trying to keep the photo as something to do with the text if I can. You might though not see the connection with the photo until you have read the comments.

My only question for you today is, have you used the cleansing power of the bible to clean you hearts and minds lately?

Please feel free to download and keep these photos for your own use. I only ask that you do tag me if you use them in social media. Also, please tell me if you are downloading these and if you want me to carry on 🙂


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