Sunday, March 05


Become imitators of God.—Eph. 5:1.

Undoubtedly, we rejoice that God has promised immortality in heaven to faithful anointed ones and everlasting life on earth to Jesus’ loyal “other sheep.” (John 10:16; 17:3; 1 Cor. 15:53) Of course, neither immortal life in heaven nor eternal life on earth will be plagued by the suffering common today. Jehovah is aware of the pain we experience, even as he knew how the Israelites suffered as slaves in Egypt. Indeed, “during all their distress it was distressing to him.” (Isa. 63:9) Centuries later, the Jews were afraid because of enemy opposition to the rebuilding of the temple, but God said: “Whoever touches you touches the pupil of my eye.” (Zech. 2:8) Just as a mother has tender feelings for her baby, Jehovah is moved to act lovingly in behalf of his people. (Isa. 49:15) In a sense, Jehovah can put himself in the place of others, and he has given us that ability.—Ps. 103:13, 14. w15 5/15 4:2

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Hi! Amelia here. I decided since I’ve been somewhat down lately and needed to cheer myself up. And the best way to do that would be to share spiritual things with you guys.

So I challenged myself to provide a photo with the Jehovah’s Witnesses daily text on it for every day in the month of March. I am trying to keep the photo as something to do with the text if I can. You might though not see the connection with the photo until you have read the comments.

You would undoubtedly have had to read through the entire text today to get the connection to the picture. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it.

Please feel free to download and keep these photos for your own use. I only ask that you do tag me if you use them in social media. Also, please tell me if you are downloading these and if you want me to carry on 🙂

What did you think of today’s Watchtower?


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