I make many mistakes every day. I sometimes hurt the people I love and care about. I know that I am not alone in this plight, I know that all mankind is imperfect, we’re only human. You too probably make mistakes. If I have done something to upset you, I am sorry!

But we also get cross with loved ones who hurt us. We blow up at a mistake they make that is just enough to tip us over the edge. We get frustrated because we would expect better from them. But is that right of us? Is it fair? What can we do to remember each and every one of us is only human?

When my dad was a kid, his own father would make many mistakes, and his kids (my dad and his siblings) would be upset or disappointed in him. But my wise old Gran had a saying. She would always say that “all people make mistakes, but a person who makes many mistakes is a person who has been busy”.

Well she was right. So so right.
If we want to moan about someone that seems to just be making mistakes all the time, we need to ask ourselves “How much good is that person doing in comparison?” Because if a person makes just one mistake a day, perhaps he is only doing ten things that day. However if he makes ten mistakes, chances are that he has done a hundred things that day. Maybe we need to change our perception.

Think about your spouse who, for argument’s sake, keeps on leaving plates in the sink. Doesn’t that person work 8 hours a day, come home, make supper, feed the kids (maybe fur kids), make you coffee, do the household finances, etc? Is leaving a plate in the sink really such a big deal? Or leaving the cap off the toothpaste tube, or the light on when they leave the room? Yes it’s an annoying habit, but do you really need to get so upset over it?

Don’t forget, you also make mistakes, and wouldn’t you prefer if people would look for the positives in you instead of the negatives?

So next time your dad/mom/husband/wife/son/daughter does something that upsets you, before you get angry and say “You’re always doing the wrong thing” stop and think of how much good that person has done for you, even just today.


Perhaps rather than shaking your head and saying “I thought you would do better”,  first ask yourself “why do I love that person, and what can I be grateful about them today?” and then ask them “What can I do to help you do better?”
Realise that you can have a large impact on that person, if they are a close friend or family member, your opinion of them matters. They want your approval. You can be the person that brings them down and makes them do more mistakes by honing in on their mistakes. Or you can help them become the best version of themselves. Much of that depends on YOU!


Because the truth is that most people do not want to do things to annoy you, most people do not make mistakes on purpose. That’s why it’s called a mistake.



All people make mistakes, but a person who makes many mistakes is a person who has been busy


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