“Spoilers Sweety” River Song would say to the Doctor.


Personally, I actually am not sure what the deal is with people who dislike spoilers so much. I for one love spoilers. I know in the world we live in, it is a strange thing to love spoilers as much as I do. But for me it makes complete sense.


I want to know before I invest time and effort into watching a movie or a series and getting emotionally involved in the plot. I want to make sure it won’t have a bad ending. Or if it starts with a good storyline, I want to know it’s not going to turn into something dodgy with loads of violence, or demonism.

So I like to know well head of time. I don’t want to only find out after I have bought the ticket and am sitting in the cinema to have to walk out on a distasteful film (something I have done before), what a waste of money and time.

I google the heck out of every movie and series I am considering watching before watching them. And then I search for the “Synopsis”. What’s a synopsis? It is basically the whole storyline written out by others who understand like me, that spoilers are good. I will read the whole thing before watching my movie.


That said, it’s not that I don’t enjoy the movie. I still enjoy it. I enjoy knowing what’s about to happen, but not always knowing exactly how its going to happen. I don’t need to know in my search for spoilers all the exact details of how we will get from point A to Z, but I do wish to know that Z is a worthwhile point to end up at. I don’t want my hero to die. I hate it when the movie ends on a sad note.

(For those of you who don’t like spoilers, here’s a fair warning, this paragraph will contain spoilers.) I watched the movie “Me before You” recently, and I actually didn’t google it as well as I should have. I had an inkling along the way that the hero was going to die, but right up to the end I was hoping beyond all hope that our girl was going to save him. But if I had known ahead of time that he was going to die, I would have braced myself, despite watching them fall in love I would have way preferred knowing ahead of time. And rather enjoy watching how far he let her go before admitting that he was not going to change his mind.


Now lets get to the point about conventions and people saying that for our wonderful upcoming JW conventions no one wants spoilers, or someone saying “don’t tell me about the broadcast, I don’t like spoilers”. My point which I normally keep to myself, but this is my blog, with my opinion, and maybe I’m wrong, but hey everyone is entitled to an opinion. So my opinion on that argument is, if you don’t like spoilers, do you not like to read the bible then? Because the bible gives us the beginning to the end, Jehovah can and does foretell the future. Maybe he doesn’t go into each and every single little detail that is going to happen during Armageddon. But if you don’t like spoilers, than you should not be reading the bible. Because Genesis to Revelation tells us where we are from and where we are going to. It gives us hope for the future. It tells us that although this world is sick and disgusting and it looks like there is no hope, there is a hope. There is hope and it explains what that hope is and how we are going to get there. That is a whopping big spoiler in the course of the human race and your own life! How can you not like that?

Come on guys, how can you not absolutely love that information?

The spoilers are there! Embrace them.


There’s enough secrets held in this life, there’s enough information withheld in the reality we find ourselves in. Whether it be secrets that people keep hidden in their personal lives, a job opportunity or a big move, or a new relationship. Trade secrets in companies, or even things hidden and buried by the governments. Whatever it is, there are already too many secrets in life. I have to keep important secrets in life and so do you. But in my entertainment and in my worship, I want NO SECRETS. I want to be able to know exactly what to expect, I want to know what I am watching.

And in itself, therefore I disagree with River Song, I want spoilers.


So dear friends, if you are ever worried about reading a book or watching a movie/series and don’t want to tell me because of spoilers. Well think again. Don’t be worried. Give me every spoiler you can, I want to know everything! And if there is something that I am watching that you haven’t yet seen and you do not want spoilers, avoid me for a while. Because you know I will share that with you.


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