Goals – Dreamers vs Makers

Failure and success can be determined, in large, by the way a person sees and acts towards their final goal.


The problem between dreamers and makers is that although they both have goals that they would like to see accomplished in their lives they see the path to the goal very very differently. We all have dreams, there is nothing wrong with that. We all have destinations in our lives that we want to accomplish, places we want to be, and places we need to be.

But dreamers look at the end goal as the only acceptable solution to their current situation/problem. A dreamer will stand at the edge of an open field and imagine a stadium there. Which is not a problem, except that because the idea of a stadium is so big, it is such a big undertaking, the dreamer wont even start the project, unless he knows from the get go that he has the man power and the money to have the final goal accomplished. And should there be any delays, hassles, detours or speed bumps in the project, the dreamer may well view it as too large a obstacle and just give up.
Whereas a maker, who could also be called a go-getter, would stand at the edge of the latter-to-success.pngsame open field and also imagine a stadium there. But then the maker would make it happen through small, almost invisible, baby steps. The maker may start by putting up little makeshift goal posts and allow the local children to play there. Once it becomes popular enough, the maker will then put up small stands, begin hosting games, charging for use, and eventually work up the revenue to create a big stadium. It might take years, there will be delays and detours, but the maker will never stop trying to make a plan to make their end goal happen. It will be almost unperceivable by just a glance, but the maker chooses to have smaller more manageable goals that all eventually will lead to the final goal.


Some dreamers do attain their goals. But by large, most of them never do. Their goals seem so unsurmountable that they give up before they even begin. So instead they end up miserable in a dead end little job, because they cant see a way for the end goal to happen. That is just so sad.
The makers will break it up into smaller steps. And when you look again you have this towering, powerful, incredible leader personality. This person who has accomplished so much because instead of just focusing on the bigger goal, just never gave up and did many many little jobs. It doesn’t mean that this person ever forgot their bigger goal, even if they seemed at times to be going in the opposite direction. Its always there in the back of this person’s mind. They just happen to be willing to be patient, and eventually because of this their accomplishment is much greater than a dreamer’s accomplishments. Their goal may be a stadium, traveling the world, owning a home, regular pioneering, building a company, writing a book. Whatever their goal, they are always working towards it.


Although I have lots of words and very little that I am actually saying here today, what I do want to ask you is “What are you – a dreamer or a maker?” and “Are you now working towards your goals?”




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