Things to do when you’re sick

imagesWith the increase in sickness in many people, and especially in my own life, what does one do when ill?

I have had flu, colds and stomach bugs probably about once every 3 months, actually sometimes more often. I feel so terrible every time one of my friends asks how I am. Should I lie and just say fine? Or should I take up ten minutes of their valuable time telling them all about my ailments?
Truth is I have stopped asking how people are and when people ask how I am, as is the annoying custom in South Africa, I rather change the subject. I mean I’ve had the conversation, which shamefully is not that seldom, which goes to the effect of I say “Hello”, they respond “I’m fine thanks, how are you?”, I grimace and say “well thanks”, to which they respond again “fine thanks, you?” . It’s like they don’t care, don’t even notice that they are saying this. At which point I sometimes just change the subject, or I play along with the infinite loop and see how long it takes for them to realise they’ve been going around in pointless circles. Its kind of funny to see their face when they realise and realise I was just letting them carry on.
Truth is nowadays I will have a conversation with my friends, and only a few minutes into the conversation,¬† will I ask them, “How are you really doing my friend?”
Do you find you get as annoyed by this pointless question too?

Anyways, that’s a whole change of subject again, where was I? Oh yes, what do you do while you are sick and stuck in bed? I find myself writing this while I am yet again sitting with a head cold and bored out of my mind at home.

Thing is that when you are sick and stuck in bed, you really don’t have the mind power, well I don’t know if you do but I certainly don’t, to do admin safely. I tend to write things that as soon as I am well enough I have to go back and apologize for. Actually if that’s the case, why on earth am I blogging right now?
Eh, whatever, I’ll continue to blog anyway.
So some of the things I do to keep myself occupied and not completely insane while I am stuck in bed are:


    1. Blogging – no duh
    2. Candy Crush – what can I say, I am at level 653 of Candy Crush soda. But I cant really put that on my CV now can I?
    3. Series Binge Watching – Have you seen the latest episode of Timeless? Or of Scorpion?
    4. Beading and Jewellery making- Now that’s something I haven’t done in a while.
    5. Reading – that is if you have a good novel around.
    6. Web surfing – possibly the most dangerous black hole/vortex one can get into. Every time I start, I quickly have a thought of a 40 year old slob living in their parent’s basement. Gotta stop doing that. Plus of course there’s the issue of never quite having enough data for that.
    7. Watching my cats play – better than watching youtube videos of other people’s cats. By the way, have you seen the video of my cat attacking my dog? I must upload that to my blog when I next have data.
    8. Messaging friends – you know how you always complain about not having time to send your friends messages? Well when you’re sick (avoiding the inevitable “how are you” by texting is a good idea) its a very good time to be catching up with your friends.
    9. Sleeping – well sometimes. I’ve never been that big a fan of sleeping, until recently. I mean, with no shame at all I slept until about 1pm yesterday and stayed in bed until 4pm. And today I slept soundly and shamelessly until 11am. Actually why am I here blogging when I could be sleeping?




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