Movie Reviews – Khumba

“Hi, my name is Amelia” She says whileHow-To-Write-A-Film-Movie-Review-Paper.png standing up in a circle of chairs in a random
basement with drably dressed people all paying rapt attention to her “and I’m a movie and series addict”

Ok, so I have never actually done that scene described above. But I really am a movie and series addict (Maybe this is my moment of doing that?), I spend a hang of a lot of time watching a silly little TV screen (or sometimes a giant cinema screen, not often though) watching other people’s imaginations coming to life. Normally there is some fairly good music involved too, and if I’m lucky, some decent animation.


Recently I’ve been thinking though that maybe it would be an idea to become a movie critic. Ok, anyone can be a critic, but maybe I can just give a brief review of movies and series I watch, possibly a bit of the story-line (but no spoilers), and rate them. Yes that’s right, a movie review. What do you think?

Well, I’m going to try. Because I think some movies out there are really worth sharing. And some, well some movies that I’ve watched, I really would have appreciated if someone had said to me what a terrible movie it is. So, I’ll sometimes share my personal opinion of these with you. Starting with one I’ve just finished watching…….





This is a South African made animated movie, and after watching Zambezia a few months ago, I’m really quite keen to see what other amazing animations South Africa can produce. So I was delighted, and not at all disappointed with watching Khumba. Its the story of a zebra with only half of his body having stripes (based on the Quaga, a now extinct species in Africa which was half striped zebras) who is grows up in a drought and after being picked on by all the the zebras in the herd for being a half zebra, he goes in search of a magical waterhole which he believes will give him all the stripes he’s supposed to have. Along the way he finds his true self, meets lots of new friends, a few enemies, and amazing scenery.  (ok, this is my first review, and I very nearly put a spoiler there, I have to double check my work before I publish it….)

The African music was incredible. My favorite characters was the herd of Springboks who all had Afrikaans accents and thought they were a rugby team (its hilarious). The animation was so well done, I don’t think Hollywood could even make it better. The story-line sweet. This is definitely a family friendly movie, but adults will still find it fun. I’m not too sure if any non-South Africans will pick up all the puns (“we’re not migrating, we’re immigrating” “Hey bru, lets scrum”), but with a British ostrich, Australian bunny, and angry half blind leopard, people from around the globe will enjoy this movie.

I give it 5 stars as far as animated movies go.


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