Two Exhibits that Glorify God

Its hard to believe how fast time has flown. Entrance.jpgAnd how this trip that still
seems so fresh in my mind is already over 6 months ago!


One evening in February, or possibly March 2015, I was sitting with my family watching a JW monthly Broadcast, and one of the big features on it was a broad spectrum invitation to Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide (and others who may also be interested too) to visit two very special history exhibits that had been set up in the lobby area of Brooklyn Bethel.
It was so exciting, and with a gleam in his eyes my father WP_20150728_019.jpgturned to me and voiced the words I was thinking, “What if you could go there one day?” he said “Imagine what an adventure and a privilege it would be!” And thus begun a mental adventure, which soon became a real adventure.
So I climbed on a plane, and flew around the world for such an adventure.

After our guided tour through the Brooklyn Bethel, I begun these two self guided tours, and they were worth every single penny spent!



The Bible and The Divine Name DSCN4085

The first of the  the two exhibits as named above shows how archaeology and history really do co-inside with the bible in bringing out God’s name, despite myths and traditions that aimed to hide it. That the sovereign ruler of the universe really wants his name to be made known to all. Starting from as early as the Moabite stone, dating to the 7th Century B.C.E and earlier, and working its way through the ages to the dead sea scrolls, and hand written translations as seen through the middle ages. Many of these are carefully constructed replicas, but many of them are also the originals! It shows how the Divine name was used commonly in the early days, but into the dark ages it got removed from many religious books and parchments.

A People for Jehovah’s NameDSCN4280.jpg

 Imagine taking a tour through time focusing on Jehovah’s People? From early Christianity to the present day? Seeing how the clergy and governments throughout the world have tried to silence true worshipers and failed. Getting to see how Jehovah’s Witnesses as an organization got it start in modern times. The exhibit lets you explore hundreds of photos, documents and artifacts from around the globe, to follow the dramatic, nail biting history of Jehovah’s people through the centuries.
Personally I enjoyed the part that showed from the early 1800s, including the photo – drama of creation. The other feature I particularly loved was the running timeline along the walls. If you want to see a video of this tour, check it out at this link on Jw.Org. Just like every country has history lessons for its citizens, it has museums of its forming and artifacts of its early days, so too Kingdom Citizens have our own history, and this is it!

Men have loved the Darkness!

Let The Light Shine

Photo Drama of Creation

Imprisoned for their faith and our modern-day Organization


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