Feelings on Flying

The big day is here! at 18:40 this evening (if everythng goes to plan) I will be taking off on Emirates EK776 in seat 41K from Durban to Dubai.

I have very mixed feelings about this whole trip at this stage in time! Dont get me wrong, I’m stoked, I’m excited beyond words! I know it will be fun and worth it.
But, I’m already (not even climbed on the plane yet) missing home, missing my cats and my parents. I am already home sick! Which is crazy, because I love travel. At least you know for sure that I will be back soon.
But then, I also start to think “what if”. What if the great tribulation/Armageddon starts while I am away? What if the plane crashes (one too many episodes of LOST I guess)? Or if there is an enormous natural disaster? Or what if something happens back home and I’m half way across the world and cant help? What if something happens to my loved ones while I am away?

Then of course there are my parents’ worries. What if I fall in love with someone there and dont come home? What if I get sick/lost/attacked?

But I find consolation in the trip, consolation in that I am going for the right reasons, going to see Jehovah’s organization, going to spend time with family and friends. And I know, that no matter what happens, Jehovah’s people, my brothers and sisters whom I have chosen to align myself with will always be there for me.

It has taken about 5 months to prepare for a one month trip, and although I am nervous, I know it will all be worth it.

I dont know exactly how many posts or when/if I will get posts up┬áhere while I am away. I will try, but because I’ll be typing from my phone or tablet they may be a bit weird looking, sorry in advance. If you are my friend on facebook, I will regularly update there and on my instagram (instagram.com/tomboyamelia you can view my photos even if you dont have an instagram account) when I have wifi available.
Until we chat again my friends, this is Amelia saying “Over and Out”

DSCN3569 (2)
Breakfast with the parents in the sunshine yesterday morning. I’m gonna miss these amazing persons!

1 Comment

  1. We know your Bethel visits will be faith strengthening, and provide you with many new friends.
    Travel safe. Have fun. Return satisfied.
    Love you


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