The Clothes Debacle

“What to wear, oh what to wear?” The never ending clothing debacle, a wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear. It gets better/worse when your mom is a talented seamstress. Except I actually love all my clothes (I’ve tried getting rid of them before, but it turns out I actually wear them all) so its not about not having anything to wear, its about trying to choose the outfit you feel like wearing today. (Do I hear someone saying “First World Problems”? Ok, yes I am aware it sounds shallow. But this is MY blog, and if you don’t like it, stop reading. If you do like the entertainment that is me, then stick around please) Where was I, oh yes… Now, lets change that, its not about what to wear today, its about what 4 or 5 items you are going to choose to wear for an entire month.

Challenge accepted! (Excuse the terrible pictures, I’m a  terrible “model” and they were taken in my room with a tripod and self timer… old fashioned selfies)

So, I was thinking of taking a wrap around Skirt combo with two blouses that match it perfectly in dusty blue, navy and cream which would have worked out to be 6 outfits.

But then I realized as much as I love those clothes, the skirts are heavy for mid summer in the northern hemisphere, and I would never last a whole month without bright colors!

So it took a bit of thinking before I finally decided on what I would actually take. It was a drastic change. But I decided to go with a Black synthetic Skirt and a 4 bright colorful blouses/tshirts. These will also each be able to go well with a simple pair of Blue jeans that I’ll be taking with.

For the sake of the “Imitate Jesus” Regional Convention that I’ll be attending in Cleveland, I decided to also take with my two absolutely favorite dresses. If I can manage to fit the big white sun hat in (it can roll up, right?) then I’ll take that too.


So, with a pair of jeans, big black poncho, a long sleeve tshirt, and some nice jewelry (hand made by me, of course) I think I’m good to go.

Today here on the farm its been raining, well it was raining since 3am. So I’ve spent the better part of my day in my pjs watching tv. My clothes that I plan on taking are all hanging in the spare room with a fan blowing on them to dry, as I decided to wash them yesterday. Only 2 sleeps till I climb on that plane.

Double wrap around with bead detailed dusty blue top
That double wrap around and Navy Top
That double wrap around and Navy Top

DSC05395 DSC05392 DSC05391 DSC05390

dsc05404 DSC05406 DSC05399 DSC05398 DSC05397 DSC05400

And “PJs” that can also pass as day clothing!


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