Horses, Farm, And Life update

Thought I’d update you all on the situation here at the farm this week. Warning – the section on the horses is somewhat “icky”, skip it if you want.


The horses are getting better, most of them have come right. Unfortunately 3 of them have permanently deformed ears now due to the maggots that ate away the cartilage in the ears. The injections worked wonders on the tick problem, but only for 3 weeks. We are currently awaiting a different injection called Solution 3.5 which is supposed to work better and longer on the horses, but is on back order across the country.

Otherwise the leg, butt and ear wounds are all healing wonderfully. Some of the horses you can’t even see there is a scar.


We now have a watchman patrolling the farm every day as well as an alarm company. So we haven’t had a break in in 6 or so weeks. Peace is returning, which is such a relief. Slowly but surely we are tidying up and cleaning up the farm, we have even got gardens growing with flowers!

We are suffering somewhat from being in the third year of serious drought! Some paces in Durban are on quite tight water restrictions already as the dams supplying the city are all around 30% or less. We’ve had to put out a couple of small veld fires already, and almost the entire farm is brown and dry, no longer lush and green. Somehow the horses are still finding food and are all still mostly pretty fat.


However due to all that stress over the last few months and my sudden onset/relapse of CFS, my pioneering greatly suffered and I have had to stop pioneering for a while. It saddens me greatly, but I will never stop being me and I will continue to have that goal of serving as a regular pioneer again soon. In the meantime, I’m going to take a holiday – USA, and take some time to get better.

A moment of peace and calm, these moments are treasured, as they are far and few to find!
A moment of peace and calm, these moments are treasured, as they are far and few to find!

So that’s a little update on life here on the farm. The bleakness of some weeks ago is not so bad anymore. There’s still some difficulties, but I think we might be past the worst of it.


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