Load Shedding and a Song

South Africa has its quirks and charms. Sometimes irritating, sometimes bare able, and sometimes we like the things that happen here.

For those of you who have not been here for some years, or who don’t know South Africa well, one thing that has become a part of  daily life is called load shedding.

In short, load shedding is the power company’s (we only have one power supplier who powers the country) legalized and scheduled rolling blackouts. This is because South Africa has mushroomed in size and the electrical grid just can’t handle supplying all the residential and industrial demand without overloading and collapsing.

Literally, last year one of their cooling silos collapsed due to overload and under done maintenance.

Anyways, many people here complain and whine about it, and it is mildly inconveniencing. However, as long as we know when the power will be out, we are able to prepare by having dinner and coffee before the load shedding, or have a flask ready, we have a good supply on candles and paraffin for our old fashioned hurricane lanterns, and we even have a few “survivor ” style torches as outside lamps when the power is out.

Normally on a Friday evening when the power goes out and well of course there’s no wifi or tv then, it’s a good way of forcing myself into preparing my weekly watchtower study.

But, here’s the thing, I like 70s and 80s music, and I just can’t help it that every time the power goes out I wanna start singing Billy Joel’s “Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway ” at the top of my voice!



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