In less than 60 days, I am climbing on a plane and flying across a pond called the Atlantic Ocean! I’m scared out of my wits, but at the same time so very excited.
Scared because I’ve probably watched a few too many episodes of LOST, and watched the Titanic, and a few other transit disaster movies and series.

But excited, I’m going on one of the best airlines in the world – Emirates, and I’m going for the right reasons.
I’m not going so as to elope, I’m not going so as to escape (neither family nor country), and not for richer horizons. I’m going to visit, to see the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses, to meet family who I’ve never seen, and visit with family and friends ever so dear to me.
But South Africa is home, it’s what I know and where I belong. And in a little under 90 days I’ll be flying home again. As long as there is no major earth wide disaster (2012, Jericho, Last Ship, Day after tomorrow – kind of style) I’ll be back to carry on life here.
There are many things I still have to do, like get a suitable suitcase, my international driver permit, get healthy again, and lots more that I’m sure I’ve forgotten.
When I was 16, I remember telling my then-best friend that one day I will touch every continent, swim in every ocean! When I was 15, I was fortunate enough to get to travel to New Zealand with my mom. Well that was just the start, the proof I needed as a little girl that I was born with a need to travel, one day I will travel the world properly!


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