Plans Will Change

So back to my plans and aspirations of going on a mini epic trip, my maiden solo voyage, the adventure that I finally allowed….

Now that I had a basic costing plan and the visa, it was time to speak to the family and friends about going!  I won’t share all the gory details about that though.

Once  everyone had gotten to the acceptance stage (in other words, once everyone realized I’m not doing this to run away from home nor to “run off with some guy”, and with many promises and guarantees that I will return – sadly those questions did come up), there were wonderful suggestions that began to be shared.

My family’s Biggest worry being that I’m a single girl going to one of 10 biggest cities in the world all on my own. They are really worried about that. Now me, I don’t fret too much, I’ve grown up in Africa, I know how to watch my back. But I also admit I’m not invincible. So we were at a stalemate – safety vs budget.


That’s when one of my aunts threw in a stellar suggestion. Last year her and her husband went for a “Bible Lands Tour” with a tour company run by Jehovah’s Witnesses. She enjoyed a wonderful tour with them through Israel, Greece and up to Rome. And suggested that I try them too.

What a relief, I thought, I can get my trip and the family can all relax because I’ll be safe. I googled “bethel tours New York” and came across about 5 companies that do tours of the three bethel complexes in New York. I reseached all of them! looking at independent reviews, along with prices and what was included In the tour. I eventually decided to go with “Bethel Coach Tours”, the same company my aunt did the bible lands tour with.

After much deliberation, I decided on going for the New York Bethel Budget tour, I can afford it, sort of. Only just, mind you. And its way over the budget of what I was expecting/planning on for NYC, but hey, I aint gonna back down on my plans, and this is the only way to keep my parents happy with letting me go there, so it will be done.

I am pretty excited about it.

The plus factors to it are pretty extensive:

  • I dont have to worry about finding a safe hotel
  • I get breakfast every morning
  • Transport from hotel to various bethels
  • Tour of the MET (metropolitan museum)
  • And getting to be with other like minded people that I am sure will become true friends.

The itinerary is something like this:

Saturday – Arrive into New York

Sunday  – Private Tour: Metropolitan Museum of Art Bible Tour; Manhattan & Playtime NYC*

Monday – Tour the Watchtower Educational Centre in Patterson, NY. Tour Watchtower Farms in Wallkill NY.

Tuesday – Tour Bible Display & Archives Office Complex Brooklyn, Playtime NYC*

Wednesday – Depart New York

I have not yet decided what I want to do during the “playtime/free time”, I know that I am flat broke after paying for flights and the tour, so anything I want to do has got to be free or darn close to free.

If you want to find out more about the company I’m going with, you can check it out at

So, plans change! Fortunately I expected plans will change, and I expect plans to continue to change between now and when I get back. This is just my NYC leg of the journey. I know that the entire adventure is going to be interesting, fun, exciting, scary, and crazy, after NYC, the plan is to head over to Cleveland to visit my uncle, and attend the 2015 Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and then over to my Aunt in Wisconsin. And then, well……


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