Adventure 2015

No longer could it be ignored!

I couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve had these feelings for so long, as long as I could remember. I’ve spoken to those I love, I’ve spoken to strangers, I’ve fought so hard to keep them in check, and finally I’ve given up fighting. Finally after so long, I’ve succumbed to the pressure and allowed myself to do it.

What am I talking about? TRAVELLING of course!


I’ve got an absolutely empty passport that’s been valid from 2008-2018! After I bought my car, I’ve been saving, saving for something I wasn’t sure what it was. And then a couple of months ago I realized it was within my reach. Finally, I can do it.

I know I wanted to, I’ve always wanted to, but now I can.


There are challenges of course, nothing in life comes without challenges. Some big challenges – convincing the parents that I want to go, budgeting correctly. Some small challenges- getting visas, choosing where to go,etc.

But hey I’ve decided and I’m going to do it. So, my blog is going to have somewhat of a theme going for a while to come, travel on a budget and my adventures of both figuring out how to get the travels right, what goes wrong, and my biggest adventure yet – solo international travel!

Whooohooo. Life awaits.



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