Life is oh so intense 

I guess we could liken life somewhat to sailing.

You see, some days the winds of life are blowing a steady breeze and the sun shining bright , inviting you to stand up and enjoy the moment. Sometimes life hits you like a storm of 80 knots and waves taller than buildings, and somehow you just barely manage to hang in there, you emerge after the storm weathered and raggedy. Yet other times you hit the duldrums of life, where it seems as though as hard as you may try, you just can’t move. But beware, you also have to plot your course well,so as to avoid a possible shipwreck on rocks, and stay alert for those treacherous ice bergs life is undoubtedly going to hurl your way.

My life is like this too. In the ever changing times that my few years have experienced, this cycle has happened time and again. But one thing I learned about life that really is just like sailing, once you’ve tasted those beautiful days, where the world is really at your fingertips and life is just so exciting and brimming with potential, the passion you grow for life grows ever stronger. It makes you able to weather the worst of storms and despite the temporary depression of the duldrums you can remain positive, because you have tasted what it can be.

The intensity of learning new things, making new friends, discovering you are strong and you are amazing, weathering heartbreak, falling in love, all Of these are part of life. And life is oh so fun and so exciting!

So dear reader, GET OUT THERE AND LIVE!!!


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